Our company is gathering with production and trade, management cat sand, pet gear and pet toy production and process and export trade, among them cat sand is main products of our company.
  Our company located in Daliancity, Liaoning Province, China, rely on abundant resource of the northeast of China, there are two cooperation ore hill, 500 staff, ten thousand ton annual produce. There are 15 kinds of cat sand, 35 kinds of packing brand, and replace customer to design package brand. Through on Dalian port established production and process, sale, package, transportation, sold out service as main business production and process base, and borrow the convenient service system, ensuring the product good quality and in time delivery time, avoiding due to inland transport lead to the package breakage, and providing perfect sold out service for customer.
  Our company productive cat sand possess good quality and low price, have been sold to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. countries and regions, received good opinion by overseas dealer, had high reputation. The variety of cat sand and package that provide the convenience on variety choice of cat sand and package for customer, could flexibility aim at consumer group, increase the market possess rate, enlarge the product sale quantity, reduce the warehouse store fee. Among the variety cat sand, wooden power sand is our company firstly introduced cat sand, its feature is relative light, could deal with combustion garbage, which main component is wooden and slime, it’ s the replace production of broken slime sand. Now, while our company is solidifying and expanding the present sale ditch, and connecting Europe-America dealer in order to bring our production into Europe-America market in the future, expand the sale ditch of our company product, to enlarge the produce and management scope of our company, to achieve more economy benefit.
  The name of our company “shamei” comes from the English “SUMMIT” means “surpass utmost, pursue perfect” ┄┄┄┄ this is our company all staff aim. Every time improve detail of our product, our provided every time careful and honesty service for customer, our company’s all staff strive for your satisfaction! Our duty is to provide perfect production and service for you and your pet!

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